Should I Drink Almond Milk? Or Soy Milk? Or Regular Milk?


One role of a nutrition professional is to provide consumers with science based resources where they can get nutrition information.  A really great resource for this is Nutrition Action, a low cost newsletter created by the Center for Science in the Public Interest.  Nutrition … [Read more...]

Green Smoothie Recipe for Nutrition Supplement Drinks


In case you missed my article on this topic a few weeks ago, you'll want to check it out: When Someone Has Poor Appetite: Tips for Making Nutrition Supplement Drinks Taste Good Today's recipe is another smoothie idea to use with nutrition supplement drinks (like Ensure, Boost, … [Read more...]

Coconut Oil Part 2! Follow-up and more discussion.

We had a good response to the last article on coconut oil! The responses actually had us (mainly Lora!) doing even more digging into what we know and don't know about coconut oil, it's composition and how different fats break down in the body. I think it's important to … [Read more...]

Q&A: Since coconut oil is high in saturated fat, should I just avoid it?


After the olive oil article Lora wrote last week, we had a question about coconut oil from a reader on my facebook page. So we decided coconut oil would be a good topic for the next Q&A! Don't forget about our seminar this Thursday evening at Cancer Services' office in … [Read more...]